Barbara Barrallon
District Administrator

La Digue is a granitic island and it is geologically unique with its cultural and traditional activities. It was named after the French ship ‘La Digue’ in the fleet of French explorer Joseph Marion Dufresne who visited Seychelles in 1768.
Being the fourth and the most beautiful granitic island of Seychelles, with a surface area of 2,500 hectares, lies 43 km northeast of Mahe and 65km east of Praslin.
La Digue Island is protected from all sides by a magnificent coral reef with its magnificent beaches, encircled by clusters of bunk of giant granite rocks that have been sculpted by the wind, the rain, and the sun.
Although La Digue is a granitic island, all the beaches are sandy white, from the fracture of the coral reefs that surround it. La Digue Island is also well known for its unique types of transportation namely the Ox Cart, bicycles, and club cars.

Population: 2910
Number of households: 963

Services offered in the District Administration Offices:

  • Social Services by Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Services
  • Welfare assistance application by Agency for Social Protection 
  • Housing application/housing improvement loan by Housing Finance Company

Opening hours: 8.00am to 4.00pm
Other Public Services:
Primary School
Secondary School
 • General Doctor Practitioner
 • Specialist Treatment
 • Physiotherapy
 • Dental Services
 • Provide 24 hrs. Service

Police Station
Post Office