Jenna Dubignon
District Administrator

Anse Etoile is situated in the North Region of Mahe. It is bordered by Glacis, English River and Perseverance 2 District. There are eight sub districts in Anse Etoile and they are: North East Point, La Gogue, Maldive, Anse Etoile central, Ma Constance, Pointe Conan, Quincy Village and La Retraite.

Anse Etoile is another district in Seychelles that has intensively developed over the past years as to meet and satisfy the community needs. It is obvious that awareness needs to be created on the importance of protecting and preserving the physical environment, natural and cultural heritage of the district.
When the inhabitants understand that their quality of life is reliant upon the health of their natural environment and that they have a direct hand in identifying and creating ways to protect and sustainably use their natural resources, both nature and people are served.


Population: 4971
Number of households: 1638

Services offered in the District Administration Offices:
• Welfare assistance application by Agency for Social Protection
• Social Services by Ministry of Family Affairs and Social Services

Opening hours: 9.00am to 4.00pm

Other Public Services:
Primary School
Police Station