Claudette Louise
District Administrator

Les Mamelles District is on the eastern side of Mahe, three kilometres from the capital Victoria. It is bounded in the North with Plaisance District, South Cascade District, East Roche Caiman District and west with Grand Anse Mahe district. It is four kilometres distance from Seychelles International Airport
The district covers ground area is 165.917 hectares.

The terrain is sloppy and mountainous with very little level surface area. The highest point is mountain Mont Josephine dominates the topography. The high ground is covered with forest hence lightly inhabited, hectares of land in the reserve. It worthy to mention that the high grounds of Les Mamelles give a fantastic view of East cost of Indian ocean and the aerial view of Victoria town.

The history is very recent, once was a sub-district of Plaisance district. In 1993 for the National Assembly election, the Commissioner of Election worked on a plan to equilibrate the number of population in the eastern district and redefine the electoral boundaries .In 1996 the Les Mamelles was created and 1997 National Assembly approved the new boundaries.

The name Les Mamelles originated from two mountain picks named Morne des Mamelles inspiring the Breast of a woman hence ‘Mamelles’ for breast in French.

Population: 2811
Number of households: 826

Services offered in the District Administration Offices:
  • Social Services by Ministry of Family Affairs
  • Welfare assistance application by Agency for Social Protection
  • Counselling and animation programmes by Seychelles National Youth Council
  • Employment Officer by the Ministry of Employment

Opening hours: 9.00am to 3.00pm
Other Public Services:
Secondary School
Health Centre
  • General Doctor Practitioner
  • Basic Primary Health Care
  • Dental Services
  • Provide 24 hrs. service